Lorna Sinclair is a visual artist from Scotland, whose practice primarily involves painting, drawing and printmaking. Graduating from DJCAD in 2017 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Lorna currently lives and works in Glasgow. Her paintings are inspired by her European, Scottish and Irish travels, as well as scenes from her everyday life. Having lived in the Mediterranean area for a year post graduation, Lorna’s colour palette has been heavily influenced by the vibrant hues of her local surroundings. Furthermore, colour is at the forefront of Lorna’s work - every painting is directed by colour; the subject and composition is always secondary, for it is the colour that inspires and moves her to paint. Lorna incorporates her multi-sensory experiences into her painting techniques to recreate a new reality for the observer. In particular, a focus on the changing light within remote and local landscapes, botanical gardens or the expansive view from Lorna’s East End Glasgow studio windows. Oil pastels are used predominantly to create a rich, tangible texture in Lorna’s work to share the vibrancy of her experience with the viewer.

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